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Our first publication, The Enchanted Valley, is an illustrated guide to the Llanthony Valley, in the Welsh Black Mountains. The book takes the reader on a journey from Hay-on-Wye, through the valley, to Abergavenny. The journey itself is beautiful, but The Enchanted Valley will introduce you to several stopping-places along the way. The author points out ancient churches, a priory and a monastery, a waterfall and more, including all the myths and folklore gathered in a decade of exploration.

Future titles from Foliate Head Press will include a series of county gazetteers containing myths, legends and ghost stories from all over the UK. Manchester Folk, covering the Greater Manchester area, will be published in the winter of 2020. Cumbria Folk will follow in 2021.  

Booksellers: Foliate Head titles are available direct from the publisher - contact us for more information. Also available from wholesalers or our distributor,

Gazelle Book Services Ltd.

Authors: We are not currently accepting manuscript submissions but by all means subscribe to our mailing list for updates and watch our list develop. At some future time, if you feel your book would fit our growing list, let us know!

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